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Share directly with your customers

Spreeva allows your store to share your latest sales, announcements, product releases, and coupons directly to your customers. Once you claim your store with just a few clicks customers from across the world will be able to accept your best offers as quickly as you can post them.

Attract new customers

Our growing community of shoppers come to Spreeva for one reason; to find the best deals and releases from our trusted community of stores daily.

By sharing your latest sales, coupons, and more to Spreeva you save valuable marketing dollars and time, while enjoying the benefit of reaching a growing number of new shoppers. Therefore, growing your brand, sales, and online influence with minimal effort on a growing social commerce platform built for your store's growth.

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Grow Your Community

Build your customer community

Spreeva allows our users to follow their favorite stores to stay up to date on their latest sales, announcements, coupons, and all their quality deals and releases. When your store joins in the fun, you'll be able to build your following through Spreeva and grow your online sales.

As your following increases, each of your sales, each of coupons, and of your posts will reach more people. More people enjoying the deals you post means more leads and more leads means more sales.

A win for shoppers, a win for stores

Spreeva brings your deals directly to your new and exsisting customers increasing your sales and boosting your online following.

Spreeva also brings the best deals to customers giving them more ways to save money and find quality online stores like yours.

We are in business connecting quality stores and millions of shoppers together through our meticulously designed social commerce platform.

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Manage Your 'Store Profile'

Manage your online brand

Spreeva gives you a growing set of tools to manage your brand online. On Spreeva we allow you to provide your customers with all the information they need on your 'store profile' without them having to scour the web.

Your store profile icludes your contact information, company bio, and all your posts and quality shopper reviews.

Growing collection of tools

Plus, we are adding new features like allowing you to show shoppers your earned rewards, product care information, and everything you need to promote your brand.

As Spreeva grows we will begin to roll out to stores like yours a suite of analytic tools to promote your brand even further. Stay tuned.

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